Web Design Level 2 Certificate


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Get into the latest Adobe Dreamweaver, Here you will learn how to create a complete website without code. We will go through some of the advanced setting and in-built CSS framework to build our web web apps.

Now that most of the tools are covered we will later get into the most popular CMS in the world WordPress, by the way CMS stands for Content Management System. Again here you do not need to code. We will learn how to  build a complete websites with Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, About page and contact form to collect user data.

Then at the end of the course you will learn to build a complete full fledged E-Commerce application from scratch. You will learn how to create products, receive orders, manage customers online and also collect payment online via Payment Gateway.


  • CIT Web Design Level 1 Certificate or equivalent
  • Own laptop

You’ll Learn

Learn to build Responsive Websites from Scratch

Learn to Build Dynamic Websites

Learn to Build E-Commerce Shopping sites

You will learn to build dynamic websites with WordPress

You will learn to create E-Commerce Shopping websites with WooCommerce

Course Content

  • Introduction to databases
  • Creating databases
  • Creating tables
  • Using the SELECT DISTINCT clause
  • Using the WHERE clause
  • True condition
  • False condition
  • Inserting data using the Insert
  • Insert into select statement
  • Updating data using Update
  • Deleting data using delete
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC – Getting Started
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC – HTML Components
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC – Forms
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC – Basic Site
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC – Live Site Designer
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC – jQuery Mobile
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC – jQuery UI
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Project -Blog App
  • WordPress – Getting Started
  • Settings in WordPress
  • WordPress – Plugins, Install, Setup & Management
  • WordPress – Categories
  • WordPress – Posts, Pages & Media
  • WordPress – Managing Comments, Plugins & Users
  • WordPress – Appearance & Menus
  • WooCommerce – Getting Started
  • WooCommerce – Creating & Managing products
  • WooCommerce – Additional Setup
  • WooCommerce – Settings
  • WooCommerce – Testing Ordered, Reports & Coupons

Career Opportunities

After successful completion of your course, you can work for below mentioned job positions

  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • Website Creator
  • Web Manager
  • Web Programmer
  • HTML Coder
  • Troubleshooting Manager
  • CSS Guru
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