About us

When you choose College of Innovation & Technology, you are choosing excellence in IT training. Whether your goal is to enter the workforce or to simply continue your lifelong learning, CIT is the right place to start.

College of Innovation & Technology offers courses ranging from User Interface Design, Web Design & Development, Mobile Application Development, and network introductions. Our courses are ideal for those hoping to become Web designers, Developers, IT support teams or even entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to enrich learning through relevancy, developing strong leaders and prepare students to have a lasting positive impact on our community.

Our Vision

Inspiring a future where African youth embrace self-determination, our vision is to cultivate a continent where individuals are empowered with the expertise to thrive in the digital era. We aspire to see African tech professionals gainfully employed, their talents recognized globally. In our relentless pursuit, we advocate for a paradigm shift: Give Work, not Aid.

Our Mission

Empowering Africa’s workforce through innovative EdTech solutions, the College of Innovation and Technology serves as an EdTech accelerator, committed to bridging the continent’s skills gap. Through convenient and affordable hybrid learning experiences, we equip high-potential jobseekers with cutting-edge tech skills. Our mission is to connect them with local and global employers hungry for top-tier¬†talent.

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